Divorced Rima Bishokarma’s falls in love with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has been disguised

Rima Bishokarma was a popular model, VJ, television player, and she was working as an exhibition on television. He started his career from a music video and then worked on the television show Nepal Id. Rima has revealed something about her teenage state. Additional activities always in advance. I have been born in Burundi, Burundi. But, I grew up in Kathmandu. I read hostels in the colored area of Kathmandu. As I remember, my childhood begins with it. I was very upset to make extra activities, drawings, rent rentals. I have read at Himalayan Vidya mandir. Teachers always kept me as a litter on school.

┬áIn the school, during the Parents day recent king and queen came. My family is now a mummy and brother. I used to fight a lot with my brothers. There is a sister in front of me. Due to sister-in-law staying, she could not get closer to her. Brother and I am close to him because he is all read and raised. Brother and I made a fight against myself. My brother was too drunk. I had already been very strong. I was a schoolgirl. My classmate wanted to hunt her, when I came, she would leave her sister. I was fine in studies. I was always close and I was very good about anything else. I did not eat the teachers’ abuse, because there were some programs outside, I would be a man to lead the school. How often did I come? That’s why teachers do not have enough abuses. At that time my friends were students of upper class than me in classroom.