Nepalese Artists who considered a child as gift of God

For a beautiful family, two children in Nepal have the idea of gift of God. But in the Nepali movie, there are artists who believe that a child is called God’s gift. They may know that their work could not be prepared for the second child because of their busy or not.

Karishma Manandhar, who was the nickname of the everlasting heroine in Nepali cinema, married the producer Binod Manandhar, only in a child. -Karishma’s daughter has remained in studying in America recently. They are described as a friend’s relationship to their mother’s relationship. Similarly, heroine Jharna Thapa also expressed interest in a child.

After the producer Sunil Kumar Thapa was married in a married life, she came in the same movie. He could have all his time in raising the daughter with his career. He also wants to say that the daughter is still studying and want to see in the movie. -Similarly, in the Rajput’s well known Subekshya Thapa who is also known as a bold heroine is a relative of Jharana Thapa. She also has a daughter as a child who has also suffered criticism due to her bold affection. These are the things of the heroine.
Dilip Raimajhi, known as a famous hero at some time, is also an artist with a child. Many people, who comment on the daughter of Dilip’s in recent times, with her family, commented on. -Similarly, artist and producer Susmita KC who gets Divorce along with Bhuvan KC, has limited maternity, a young child, in the age of pride, Anmol KC. However, as far as their children are young, there are other artists not known as the artists, but above mentioned are these artists who are very likely to get another child in their mind.