The daughter-in-law was d!ed of diarrhoea, son’s ment@l balance was lost

The weight of silver bangle in both hands, white necklace on the neck, the white flushed hair, 85-year-old, is sitting in a house with her grandson by putting her one hand on her face. Monsoon water makes green at home. But, Iety Kami, who came from Panchdeval Vinayak Municipality Ward number 2, is unhappy.

Perhaps the pain suffered in the past; maybe she may have her heart green. He does not even like to remember the past. However, what to do is found people who have pasted. She said, ‘It is old, the man is sitting in happiness, rested in the old age, but her deeds have never been found.’ Even when she d!ed, she was worried about her husband’s support. ‘It matters. The other parents of the school take children to school in school like home. Who should let my grandma go? The daughter-in-law was shattered, the mental balance of the child lost.

Earlier in the morning, on May 21, the old woman’s daughter-in-law Masera d!ed due to diarrhea. Sira Kami, the youngest son, who was weaker since years, had arrived home on that same day. “The son coming home to meet mother need to see Mrs’s d(ad body,” said local Karna B.K. “With seeing Mrs’s body, Sire also lost ment@l balance. Where is the date, nothing is known. Iety has been a year after not seeing the face of the younger son. She said, ‘If you were living, you would have come home.’ After both parents d!ed, she is worried about the future of the grandchildren. More than immediately, after handing his hand on his feet, he came to anxiety about what the grandmother had. She said she was still suffering from the broken area. I’m like dis@ble. The staff supports the roar. She does not feel frustrated at night when she is home, she says. She said that even though her three sons and a daughter, not a husband, the condition of the oldest son was insulting. Middle son and daughter-in-law d!ed due to AIDS,. A daughter was married for 14 years, she said, the oldest son had two sons. The oldest school was studying at the age of 14. This is the age of three years I have taken birth. ‘ She said that worried about how worried about her family members was worried every day.
Source: Naya Patrika Dainik