The horr!ble cr!me hiding inside the beautiful face

Five people have been k!lled in one family in Shivaji Park of India Rajasthan. Banwari Lal Sharma and his four children were k!lled by his wife Satoshi with the help of her lover Hanuman Chaudhary. The k!ller, wife and two k!ller have been able to arrest the police.

According to Alwar SP Rahul Rakas, the young man, Banwari Lal Sharma, realized that the love of another man of Mrs. found that he should not do so and to be considered as child children, but it was not blind in the love of  other man. She also accompanied her lover to make plans for her husband, including her children. To make this cr!me, the lover hired two mu(der. After all are in deep sleeps, k!lled the mu(derer in the house and k!lled. No matter where the !ncident happened, the police and the gang did not know who the k!ller was.
Local police in the research wondered that after the de@th anniversary of the deceased, Santoshi started to talk to his friend and talk to his boyfriend on phone. After receiving this notification, the police added further investigations. The police then found out the relationship between the lover and was taken into custody. Both of them were arrested and afterwards confessed to the massacre. At the rented house at Shivaji Park, Mrs. k!lled a lover of four children on October 3. At 6:00 pm their bodies were found in a bedroom. In the next room, Mrs. Satosh and her sister were sleeping in another room.
Source: Janata News