Funny nick names of these star cricketers

Often in the field you will hear players calling by their names and you may know the names of most players. But you do not know that Rahul Dravid is known in the cricket as “The Wall” but his teammates called him as Jamie. Similarly, there are few other players in India whose name are very special and given to them by the name of team or any particular person.

-Birat Kohil: The best batsman and name of current cricket are probably also known as the smartest cricketer of this era. But the cricketer’s nick name Chiku who is angry at the ground. When Birat was in his childhood, due to his healthy life and hairstyle, his coach started to call him Chiku. -Mahendra Singh Dhoni: Former captain Dhini’s name is captain Cool, but his name is Mahi too. Well he had these names since his childhood, his family members and friends used to call him Mahmud. But now he calls the Teamwali Mahi and his wife Sakchhi has also tattoo of his name. -Rohit Sharma: Famous by the name of “Himmat” and Indian team calls the fellow player “Shana”. He was given this name by the Indian team by his special friend Yuvaraj Singh.
-Suresh Raina: Hi nick name is Sonu and got his name in his childhood. During his childhood, Raina was participating in a match where some of his fellow friends called him Sonu. –Shikhar Dhawan: Gabber is his nick name. After completing the century, Dhawan gives a mustache to his shoulder, due to this style and his fellow player called him Gabber. At the same time, Dhawan is often seen speaking in dialogue in Bollywood Anjaja, hence he has been given this name.