This teenager has prepared such preparation after knowing her de@th

Anyone don’t know when they finished their life and when where and how people will di(. There is a saying, such people who did meditation in their previous life can know their de@th. Such thought has been published in Philippines that remain shock to all.

Philippine’s model or a student had get the information about her de@th and does all the preparation for her de@th. According to the international media 20 years old Rachin is very beautiful and recently starts to make her career. At the same time she knew that she was suffered from cancer that effects in her bone. She knew that she has no more time but she needs to fulfill her last wish before her de@th. Her last wish is to look be the most beautiful in her funeral. She wants white cloth on her body and flowers garland on her forehead and share her wishes with her relatives. She is fighting with her disease and di(d. Her photo in grave has been shared a lot in social media and another last wish is her grave must be near of her father’s grave. But there is no land remaining near of her father’s grave, so her grave made in the same place. She had accepted her de@th in this young age by being happy.

Source: Taja Khabar