Panchamaya return home after working for 6 years in Kuwait and Qatar, leaving foreign dollars and enjoying the soil

32 years old Panchmaya Tamang of Sindupalchok’s Gunsa, has been doing 22 racks in the field of rent and has been doing business in Gokarna in Kathmandu. He has been enjoying chicken farming, turkey farming and vegetable farming for the past two years, not only earning earnings in the past six years but also running agricultural business with loan from bank.

Through the Bright Nepal Multipurpose Services, she has invested 85 lakhs rupees in the tune of women farming businessmen. After failing to work in Nepal at the age of 24, Kuwait and Qatar returned to work after 6 years, she says that she was living in Nepal more than the sadness in the country. If the Nepal government really wants to make the country self-dependent in agriculture, then the young generation should stop getting rid of foreign migrants. Everyday thousands of youngsters have gone abroad to seek employment. Some of the intersections have led to their sweat in the foreign desert. It is experience that self-satisfaction cannot be found even if it is consumed.