Teriya Magar, where and what is she doing?

Teriya Magar has found that only if Nepalese dance sector has achieved such a huge success at international level. Teriya’s neighbors, who are participating in Chinese-to-dance competitions, are the winners watching Indian dance and glimpse of India’s multipurpose television program. Trivia has become established as an international level artist since 2014 as a DID Little Master in 2014. It is now invited from different countries to see Teriya’s dance presentations.

So far, many shows in foreign countries have been presented. In the same way, this December 25 tragedy has arrived in Canada on Thursday, a charity event in Calgary, Canada on Thursday. Teriya’s main presentation will be held in the program organized by Naples Community Society, and some Indian and local artists will also be accompanying. The program has been organized to collect funds for the Calgary Research Center, which is being set up for Nepalese in Canada. According to the local time, the program will be operated from Christmas to 5.00 pm. India recently has been staying in Mumbai to pursue its academic and art.
She used to dance from her childhood and take part in Indian television shows DID little Master and Jhalak dikh laja. She had also performed in the finale of Nepali Idol to entertain the audiences. Her grandfather Krishna Bahadur Magar supports a lot to fulfilled her dream to perform dance in Zee TV.