An amazing cave was found on Baitadi

A wonderful cave has been found in the village of Sigas village of Baitadi-1, taking a stone to make a house at Giwidi near Ganjari. The Uwjalram Bishwakarma, a local resident, has found a cave while removing stones.

It is crowd to watch the cave now. The mysteries of the cave are found in the cave. In the cave, in charge of the Ganjari Police Station found that the signs of  Ganesh, elephant and the conical statue. “When Vishakkarma tried to split stones for the house on December 15, he said that the cube was shifted and he was not hu(t. Ujwal said that after leaving that stone and stirring stones from the bottom, the loss of heart was consumed as often as possible. When a stone came out with difficulty, the cave found that place when the stone left the stone.
According to the elders of the cave, the lights of the cave are in the cave. The locals are astonished about the caves found in the Sigas village, which are nominated from the name of Sigas. According to the press, Prem Bhat, president of the Federation , should be preserved for the conservation of the cave and statue of the village Sigas.
Source: Gorkhali Khabar