These Nepalese Heroins who had become mother, what are the names of their children?

After becoming a mother, the roles of all the women change. Cinema is still a world where the work should always be fit. For more heroins, this criterion is like mandatory. Because of becoming a mother, because of ser!ous changes in women, they ‘melt’ in the film, making it difficult to melt them.

However, there are some heroins in the world. The film whose career is a mother-in-law before her mother and her mother-in-law do not get any changes. Such a heroine is counted, – Angelina Jolie. However, after making heroin mother in Nepal, there are less examples of ‘Comeback’ in the film. Even more, those shortcomings have not become soothing. Most Nepali heroes have disappeared from the film as mother became. Although some heroin has become a mother, it has been active in the Nepali film continuously, but only a few of them have justified happiness. Many Nepalese have become the mother of long-term discussions in the world of cinema. This article, written by about 10 Nepali heroin, became the mother of the Nepali paper
1. Karishma Manandhar: Child: Kabita: In 1988, ‘Santan’ has started playing an act in the role of a young woman named Kanta, in 14 years – Evergreen beauty heroine Karishma Manandhar. Then she is constantly active in Nepali film. When working in ‘Kauturi’ in 1990, the love of Vinas Manandhar of Kasashi was tired. The love which was changed after marriage. The career has become a mother for almost 9 years. His daughter is reading poetry in America.
2. Bipin Thapa: Kid: Kushagra: At some time Nepali singer was very interested in cinema, Bipin Thapa. Like the ‘birthplace’, ‘fire’, these protagonists of the hit movie are young after marriage. In 2008, Vijayas, who had been married to Ashutosh Bhardwaj, married a citizen, then many hope to play Nepali film. Because, her husband also used to make Nepali film. However, after the wage, the house of husband went to India. After becoming a mother in a few years of marriage, Kambakak’s prospect became a foothold in the film of Bizchan. Nepal is now very thin at the time of the wiping that came to Maiti by carrying relief relief material last year.
3. Jharana Thapa: Son: Suhana: Jharana Thapa, born in 1981, is another beautiful girl and a famous actress of the Nepali film field. After the marriage, a permanent home, it is probably the only heroine to get the discussion. While working in the ‘Daijo’ movie, he had married Premil Kumar Thapa in 1998. This heroine gave birth to Suhana next year. Suhana is now 18 years old. As a mother, given a film like ‘My Grand’ in 2002, she is also considered to be a successful actress for Kamkakak. When she became a mother, she did not pay attention to the film ‘Dharmashankat’.
4. Sanjita Luitel: Children: ARthav and Sahani: At some time due to his beauty, he was at the top of the discussion-heroine Sanjita Luitel. His film and acting were very good and interesting. In 1999, the communication of ‘Nepali’ from ‘Apsara’ has been debuted in ‘Aashirism’, ‘Munnamdan’, ‘Vishish’, ‘Abhishek Sin Lagla’, ‘Dashunga’, ‘Prakash Hai’, ‘Kalpani’, ‘Indrani’, ‘Some My ‘,’ stain ‘,’ prisoner ‘has also acted in movies.