Suniel Sheety is a owner of H2O and a Bar

Suniel Shetty established his restaurant business a decade ago and his club H2O is widely recognized and praised by celebrities and common man alike. Their Long Island Iced Teas are extremely popular.

Suniel Shetty is a Owner of H2O and Mischief Dinning Bar Suniel Shetty called ANNA in India. He is more different in his action. As well as he is a successful businessman. He gives more importance to exercise as well. He is active in many social activities too. His first movie was superhit release in 1992 AD. As well “Mohara”, “Dilwale”, and “Gopi Kishan” movie had touched the high of success. From some year, his movie was not hit or he didn’t get the chance of playing role, he was earning corers rupees every year. He is the owner of Michief of Dimming Bar and H2O. There are several branches in Mumbai. He had started his business a decade ago.

Club H2O is famous among celebrities and other local people. And the most famous is “Long Island Iced Teas”. He has his own production house named “Popcorn Entertainment”. He had established many hotels and restaurants including Karnatak Wudipi. He had his own Butic and production of clothes.