7 truth and ways of taking green tea

From the view point of health, green tea is very much beneficial. For beauty, diabetes, fatness and other health problems, green tea is very helpful. It have bitter taste but lots of advantages. Therefore, taking a cup of green tea can through out the toxins of body and make healthy one. But, in our society there are lots of wrong information about green tea which are listed below.

The wrong information about green tea are:- It reduce the weight in comparison to taking the cup of tea. It is beneficial to take in empty stomach every morning. It never disturb the sleeping time. It is also beneficial for acidity. It is more beneficial at the time of pregnancy. It is more beneficial if green tea is old. All types of green tea works efficiently.

But the truth about the green tea is different than above mentioned points. The fact things about the green tea are listed below. You have to take three cups of green tea in a day to reduce the weight. Taking more green tea cause headache. It contain caffeine which cause acidity in empty stomach. A cup of green tea contain 25 grams of caffeine which disturb the sleeping time. Green tea is equally liable like black and lemon tea for the acidity. So never take more than 4 cups of green tea in a day. Due to caffeine, it is not good to take green tea at the time of pregnancy. The validity of anti-oxidant contain in green tea is 6 months. So after this period it is not healthy. It is very different in storing, packaging and delivery by different companies. So it may be different quality. So it is more healthy to use open green tea and packaging one.