5 things that husband shouldn’t do while his wife is away

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1. No other affair: You shouldn’t keep affair with another women on this time, this will affect your relationship. You get attracted to other women and after your wife gets to home you will lose interest on her.

2. Don’t come home late: You might think you are free and you come home later but you need to come home fast and help at home. This will make you habitual further.
3. Don’t spend more time with others: You might feel alone but you shouldn’t spend time with others. You can get involve in other things like watching TV, books, games etc. This will increase love towards your wife.
4. Contact your wife: You need to contact your wife in free time and do chat and message time to time, this will make your relation strong.
5. Don’t think you are free and you can do anything: You might think you are free and live different life but you shouldn’t do anything that betray your relation. You need to think about future and your family.