Are The Property Brothers Married???

Are you wondering on, are the property brothers married??? Well, like you most of the other fans are too. Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott are the well-known twin brothers who host the HGTV’s show Property Brothers. If you haven’t been watching the Property Brothers, the design of the show is pretty smart. The property brothers, both Jonathan and Drew Scott help first time home buyers to find, buy and alter extreme fixer-uppers into their ultimate dream home. Drew’s the real estate agent while Jonathan is the contractor. And the cool part is they use state-of-the-art CGI to demonstrate their clients their vision for the final product.

Are The Property Brothers Married???

If you are curios that whether are the property brothers married???, then the answer is they have not yet announced about them being married or not. So, they are single. There are have been many questions asked on are the property brothers gay… well, they haven’t also announced anything about their sexuality.

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  1. No matter, as long as they both have happy lives. Personality, good looks, MONEY…….they’ll make someone happy one day. HGTV is always on in my home and the shows keep my company while working around the house. But when the Property Brothers show comes on, I get my tea and put my feet up to enjoy may favorite show. Love this show and the brothers. Oh, and my daughter, grand daughter (8) and grand son (12) always watch too. Thanks.

  2. Doesn’t matter whether they are single, married, gay or whatever. They are both smart and good looking as hell!!! I would be proud just to be their friend!!!!

  3. Actually regarding their sexuality. They are not gay. They did a interview and talked about dating women and what kind of women they liked.

  4. I watch all the hgtvshows dealing with johnathen and Scot . Their programs are entertaining as well as beautiful , Of course both guys are very handsome and show brotherly love . I am a senior retiree and I enjoy the shows very much

  5. I’m curious to know what gender and nationality you go for? I’m tire of hearing oh they’re gay. Oh My God! You’re 33 years of age and it’s 2014 for God’s sake. Take it from a product of the 60’s. Live and Let Live! I’m simply saying IF YOU LIKE FEMALES LET THE GIRLS KNOW PLEASE!!!! If not hey we get that too! I have a 18 year old female Beauty Queen!

  6. Love the show! They are so creative & patient, so many people seem very persnickety! I wish Jonathan would work his magic at our house

  7. I wish they would say where each show takes place. It looks like they move around, but then how would they understand the real estate market so well. Sometimes I think I’d like to move to one of those beautiful areas.

  8. I love this show. Great design.great teamwork

  9. I love the show! I do wish they would recycle some of the items they destroy. Great learning on redoing hones.

  10. yes im not believe this story how possible poor people

  11. no possible im very poor

  12. I think I met you guys before you became popular .. Anyway I think you’re great and enjoy your show . Its no ones business what your preference is in spouses male or female ,just keep up the great work and show !!!!!

  13. Beverley Sheffield

    I love the property brother. every chance i get i watch i hope they never leave the show. There great.

    • Beverley Sheffield

      Love Love those brothers. Watch all the time. Please don’t ever leave the show and i love the design.

  14. I love the property brothers I pray they can come down south and do our church remodel

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