Babies are addict of cartons? Remedies measure

5. Fatness:
Watching television and cartoons staying at same place without movie body parts cause lack of physical exercise of children which leads fatness. With cartoons, they watch the advertisement of junk foods which are the main reason of fatness.

Ways of addict children on cartoons
1. Official parents:
Nowadays, parents want to do official work and due to competition, work is most important to survive basic life. Due to this, parents haven’t sufficient time to spend and care of children which leads watching of cartoons and television more. Many parents keep their children in front of television for doing work properly.

2. Lack of playing area and things:
Children like to play in open environment. But due to lack of proper place of playing, due to population increase, children start watching television.

3. Single family:
Nowadays, joint family is divided into parts and human beings like to stay in single family. Single family contain limited members of family and all of them have certain works. Due to this, children never get proper time of sharing with parents and starts watching television.

Measure remedies:
1. Share maximum time as possible with children and play with them.
2. Never think your children are born with the romance of some time. They are the members of your family.
3. Manage the time of going outside with children and playing different games once a week.
4. Always give the knowledge about the right and wrong habits as well as things in their life.
5. Control and keep the babies under the rules of family.
6. Never keep children in house. Motivate them in outdoor games like football, running and many more which helps to development of physical and mental parts.
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