Taliban demands Kasab’s Body

Taliban demands Kasab's Body

Pakistani Taliban has threatened the Indian Government to attack India and Indians if they do not provide them with the dead body of Ajmal Amir Kasab. Kasab who was the lone survivor from among the invaders of 2008 Mumbai Attack, was secretly hanged in Pune’s Yerwada Jail at 7:30 am local time on Wednesday. The spokesman of Tahreek-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), …

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Microsoft launched Windows 8 in Nepal

Windows 8 launch

MICROSOFT officially launched its latest product Windows 8 in Nepal on Thursday. Windows 8 is an Operating System (OS) produced by Microsoft for desktop and laptop computers and is targeted to mobile devices like tablets. Pubudu Basnayake, chief operating officer at Microsoft Bangladesh and Kapil Dev Shrestha, director general information technology at Ministry of Science and Technology, Nepal, revealed the …

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Who will be next Harry Osborn?

Who will be the next Harry Osborne

The hunt for the next Harry Osborn for Amazing Spider-man 2, is almost complete. As per the resources, there are just about four actors remaining to fulfill the athletic looking character of Harry Osborn and be Peter Parker’s best friend or best enemy; let’s make it frenemy. Sam Claffin, the Snow White and the Huntsman star, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth …

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Suicide Bomber kills 23 in Pakistan

Victims of Bomb Attack in Pakistan

A Shiite Muslim march was struck by a Taliban suicide bomber in Rawalpindi, near the capital. Blast killed 23 people and more than 62 are reported to be seriously injured. The attack took place at around midnight Wednesday according to Deeba Shahnaz, one of the state rescue officials. Shahnaz also informed that wounded also included six policemen and more than …

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Facebook Ending voting system

Facebook Ending Voting System

Voting system in Facebook allows users to share their views on any policy changes that Facebook has implemented recently. Introduced in 2009, this voting system is activated for the users if a policy change received at least 7000 comments. Facebook would also consider the views of the users if more than 30% for total Facebook users participate in the voting. …

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