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Facebook mistakes elbows as breasts – Bans the image

Facebook mistakes elbows as breasts

Facebook mistakes elbows as breasts and bans the image. This might sound funny, lame or interesting enough to hear but it is true. The Web Magazine: Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things posted a photo of a woman in a bath. Her elbow was placed in such a manner that at first glance, most of the people would make …

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Ericsson Sues Samsung

Ericsson Sues Samsung; for patent infringement. According to the Swedish telecommunications equipment maker, it initiated the lawsuit after the two companies were incapable to reach an accord about renewing patent licensing deals. The patents of Ericsson which has been licensed previously by Samsung in 2002 have now expired. Per Ericsson, Samsung reject to renew the licensing agreements for its patents …

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Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been named Phone of the Year at the annual T3 Gadget Awards. This award left iPhone 4s, Nokia lumia 900 as well as HTC one X behind. Here are some of the features of Samsung galaxy S3, which made it the top most selling phones. The S3 has a 4.8in display. It’s a slim phone …

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Samsung Galaxy Camera Features

Enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Camera features: It has 3G/4G connectivity and has enormous display, voice-activation features, and a plethora of manual modes, effects filters, and smart-scene modes. You can download apps to the Samsung Galaxy camera, edit photos right on the camera, and upload them to your computer or the Internet wirelessly. It has the large 4.8-inch LCD touch screen, …

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IPhone 5 Features

These iPhone 5 features will definitely help you to know more about new iPhone 5 iPhone 5 AppleCamera updates: Spatial noise reduction, smart filter … bottom line, photos should look better and be captured 40 percent faster Reversible connector, so it doesn’t matter which way you plug it in. Mail enhancements include VIPs, messages from everyone you want flagged as …

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