Eat grapes and oranges, prevent diabetes

Grapes helps to remove pain of muscles and throw out the unnecessary elements from kidney and lungs. These fruits also through out the cholesterol from body. According to investigator, if these two fruits are taken a day, control diabetes, high blood pressure and fatness.

Similarly, if your use a juice of grapes in the morning time, it prevents from laziness. Drink a glass of grapes juice per day and make your mood fresh. Not only these, pills of grapes also make your nail beautiful and attractive. Likewise, pills of oranges also helps to make skin fresh and prevent from dry skin. Make a paste from dust of oranges pill and use it on face or skin which through out the dead skin and make lightening, soft and healthy skin.

These two fruits are best and equally important for diabetes patients and heart patients. Investigators also feel proud on their investigation because people can be safe from heart problems due to these two fruits.

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