What is the most expensive in the world for Yarsa Gumba, what? It’s okay

Yarsa Gumba is herbal plant that has both plants and herbs and it never d!es. This is found in the height of 3800 meters from the surface to 48 meters. These priceless herbs are found with Sherpa Bhutte of Himalayas and used to be used. So it is called Sherpa’s ‘Shaitu’ meaning the umbrella overstick kit. Since the ground, vegetation and land are vegetable because it is believed to be called umbrella.

According to the legend, Laxman was wandering in the war of Ram and Ravana, saying that Hanuman from the Northern Himalayan Nepalese bread was poured out with this Yarsagumba and was leaked to Lakshman. Botany is the living creature of living, living bean Bansaspati lives. Yarsa, Yarsagumba or Yarsasunbu, called in local language, is a word made by ‘Yart Swan Gun’ of Tibeti language. Which means summer, summer, insects in winter. However, Yarsa is not a source. It is a type of liquor and joint form of aged parasites in it.
The said mycelium consumes food from the body of the larva and makes it dry and its body is spreading into the body of the larvae. Finally, after the invasion of Larva, Larva d!es. And, from the head of the de@d larva, a straw drops (stocks), which vary from average to two inches long, brown. People harvest such a straw after harvesting the winter in the spring.
The Yarsa is herbal herb which is found only in the south, India, Bhutan and Himalapari Tibet on the south side of the Himalaya mountain range. Nepal is found in northern 27 districts of Yarsa. However, there is a lot of collections in Sanshwasabha, Solukhumbu, Gorkha, Magdie, Manang, Mustang, Dolpa, Jumla, Mugu, Bajjang and Darchula districts. About 40 percent of the total quantity to be collected in Nepal comes from Yarsa Dolpa district. From the distance of three to five thousand meters, average rainfall is four hundred millimeters in the hilly mountainous grassland or in the Bhutan area.
Cost more than gold
Currently, high quality Yarsa’s international market value is even more expensive than gold. That is why it is also called organic gold. The value of high quality yarns in China is up to 70 million rupees. The eBay website is worth $ 50,000 – i.e. 50 lakhs. In Kathmandu last year, it had been purchased by 20 to 30 million rupees. Around 5 to 11 billion barrels of waste around the world are estimated to be Yarsa’s trade equivalent.
Yarna is popular like the expensive French champagne among the new ones growing in China’s economic advancement. They do not hesitate to pay expensive prices as they are called Stats Symbols (a symbol of reputation). The news that Yarsa uses as a bribe to deal with big government officials is coming to the Chinese newspaper. Yarsa reaches to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and America, including the foreign exit from Nepal. Yarsa is sold and sold in all of the world’s inhabitants of Chinese origin. On the other hand, it is also purchased by the Internet at a large scale.
Yarsa means Himalayan Vigra:
The use of Yarsa in ancient Chinese medicine has been done hundreds of years ago. The first description of Yarsa, the courtesy of Judgment Day, can be found in the book “The Oops of Freedom Legal, A Space Work Un Yarsugunbu” written in 1475. However, its excessive discussion in the world has begun only after the World Tour and Field Competition in Germany in 1993. Three Chinese women players retained five world records in the race for 1,500, 3,000 and 10 thousand meters in the competition.
Yerassagumba is found in chemicals such as cordicapin and other nucleoside, cordicapic acid, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, carbohydrate, polysaccharide, vitamin, sugar, protein, sterol, melanin. Recent scientific research has been found useful in some chemical elements found in the cancer and tumor treatment also.
What is used for
Yarsagumba is taken as a $exu@!lly transient and perfect herbal . It is also used as a medicine for diseases such as hollow, pomp, tuberculosis and other diseases. It has also been used to increase the number of sperm in the beard and to keep the sperm healthy, and the deformation of deformation is also in the decline of the depression.
It also uses it to cure nervous disease, malnutrition, respiratory disease. So it has become valuable herbs. Until 2001, Yarsagumba did not come to business purpose, it has now been traded for up to 32 million rupees.