Food that increase weight for men

Food that increase weight:
– Eat three times a week. Before and after taking foods, go for workout.
– Increase the level of calories in food.
– Increase the level of carbohydrate in food which helps to increase the power. Rice, pasta, fruits and green vegetables are the good source of carbohydrate.
– Remove the fat from food and add protein in it.
– Eat healthy and fresh food which helps to increase weight.
– Green vegetables, fruits, brown rice, paddy and millet are helpful to increase the body weight.
– Include the salad, juice and fruits in food items. Eat 2 brown bread with ghee, omelette of 3 eggs, pieces of paneer and green vegetables daily which helps to increase your weight.
– Meat are the major ways to increase weight.
– Avoid junk foods, oily foods and cold drinks.

With the sufficient calories and carbohydrate, you have to do some physical exercise. Eating more without exercise obviously increase your weight but with different health problems.

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