Harmful habits than cigarette

1. Due to more pressure on work, we do same work at same place which is bad for health. It makes body lazy and problems in body. Dong same work at same place is bad, stand-up, moving and stretching body have to be done while doing work on same place.

2. Many people have a habit of do not take food for long time. They have not enough time to take breakfast on day time between morning and night food. It can causes weakness and can cause different health problems like gastric.

3. Due to more pressure on work, tension and stress, people not sleep well which make people patient for long period of time. People who don’t sleep enough, cause fatness, high blood pressure and depression.

4. Wrong methods of cooking foods are more harmful than cigarette and alcohol. Never use more oil and chilly while cooking foods.

5. Not taking food is bad as well taking more foods is also bad for health. As possible take some foods but many times per day.

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