Kathmandu’s female doesn’t know its Women’s Day

Ladies from isolated villages or from a geographically backward place to not know about her rights might be quiet normal. But the female sisters from the capital have this situation in Nepal. Who might understand this? Who will listen to this? Everyone might have their own compulsion and problems. Who is responsible for being unknown about their own rights? She herself, time or the country? This is the question of the citizens.
Why doesn’t Harimaya know things about rights? Because she is being more leaned towards the responsibility of her suckling baby who is right beside her than the rights about a few miles away. All she knows is how she is going manage food for day and night. Only being concentrated on how she will provide her children food, she is only a representative character of our country Nepal. A lot of female sisters have this same painful story. Above that their stories are deeper.

After her sister-in-law’s marriage didn’t work out she returned back home from where she started getting neglected in the family. After mother-in-law started listening to her sister-in-law, she became unable to live in the house and came to Kathmandu. Her family wasn’t able to stand in the expenses of Kathmandu. In just 4 years she had 2 kids. Husband is abroad. She is working just to get some food. But she feels bad for her sister-in-law living in village rather than herself.

Harimaya doesn’t want to remember that woman even in her dreams who treated her in her own house like a rival and how her mother-in-law supported that woman. She says, “A women’s enemy is not a man it’s a woman herself.” This females story is totally comparable to the news worker Shrestha’s status. The no. of female sisters in Nepal whose stories match with Shrestha’s status is very high.

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