Problems that arrives to girls who cross 20

You need to workout for 30 minutes and control weight. Menstruation Due to hormones imbalance the cycle gets up and down. So for this you need to eat more vegetables and fruits which consists iron, vitamin, minerals and anti-oxidant.

After 20 years old hair will grow in stomach, chest. And due to change of hormone hair gets dry. So you can use cream or razor to remove hair.

Due to hormonal change skin gets pimples and dryness starts. You should avoid oily food and should wash face with cold water.

Immunity power increases
Due to hormonal change the immunity power increase.

1. You can get some kind of change in breast so you need to consult to doctor if you find it abnormal.
2. If the color of lips is not pink and it’s dry than you might get the liver problem.
3. You might get pain in muscles while walking so if it is more you should consult to doctor.