Student may face these problem where there is no hostel in the college they want to study in

3. There is no tension at home room’s rent. While on the first of every month from your landlord bill is ready. Time is money and it just tells you a lot.
4. Here you can not sleep at night, saying that early in the morning to wake up. Find yourself and Jagia alarm. If it failed to do so while on others to get angry when you’re not Guunjais saves.
5. Friends of how you might be, whether in college, but you are sure to cut Social Life.
6. In addition to the studies do you have a lot of work. Cleaning your room and the laundry has to be himself. My favorite things is to handle herself.
7. Home-month budget there is no tension, even if your budget is a little too impaired fasting can also be led.

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