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Broke 5 beds while celebrating their Honeymoon, Couple have lose their loose recently after marriage

An inc!dent of a couple of Dabalin, Ohiyo, America has been viral in social media. They had broken 5 beds because of their heavy weight. Husband’s weight is 330 kg and wife’s weight is 322 kg, an international media includes it. They have married after love affair of 5 years. During Honeymoon they went to a peaceful place of America …

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Nepalese foreigners have been given good news of savings, 50 cores rupees

Nepalese foreigners have been given good news of savings to the Nepalese foreigners, 10 cores rupees. The Nepal Bank will issue a separate employment saving letter equivalent to Rs. 50 cores from December. Nepalese and non residential Nepalese Nepali NRN, who have been unemployed or from Nepalese employment, will not be able to buy such savings letter. Their families (father, …

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New laws in the US – 5 months not to be aborted

Congress has voted for 20 days before any child who cannot be abducted. Members of the retaliation by Republican Saddam have voted. 237 MPs from the Congress voted for ‘Pen-Capital’ on the Unintended Child Protection Act ‘, which did not allow abortion in any case beyond 20 weeks, and 189 MPs of the Democrats who had been murd*red. If the …

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