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5 Year boy AR Budhathoki sings a song with Melina Rai

Songs and music are the part of our life. It directly and indirectly provides benefits for us. Nowadays Nepali music is progressing and has good result in the market. Many Nepalese are attracted by the new singers and many new singers are increasing in today. Recent reality shows spared the positive impact on the society. Same as it today we …

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5 years old girl sings Chinese song, Next birth of Teria Magar, sings Kutuma Kutu as this

Divanshu Baisawar is 5 years old girl who has a talent of dancing, singing and many others. She can sings well and dance as well. She has an aim to be to be a singer as well as a perfect dancer. She has a talent in some acting. She has an official page in YouTube and shares her videos. Many …

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