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Most walnuts crushed by hand in one minute

Make a world record by breaking 2 hundred 12 walnuts with hand in 1 minute. It is not easy work to break a walnut with hand. If somebody says us to break a walnut then we start to search a nut breaker. But a person named Prabhakar Reddi in Andhra Pradesh of India didn’t need it. Prabhakar Reddi made a …

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Researcher’s claim: When the mother puts the vest, she does the child’s effect

The amount of lead in the vermilion can be d@ngerous. In such a case, a study shows that the use of such lead-off vermor can reduce the problem of childbirth and the prevention of child development. According to Researchers’ Researchers in America, 83 percent of the samples collected from America and 78 percent of India’s sampled samples were 1.0 mammogram …

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