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Best home remedies for the treatment of teeth pain

Pain and cavities are the normal and people are suffering from it. The main reason behind from it is careless of teeth and didn’t got washed. After cavities in teeth, it starts paining and no one can control its pain. Simple treatment cannot fix its problems because the main pain occurs on the root of teeth which can cause swelling. …

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Turmeric for white face

Turmeric is a anti-bacterial and anti-biotic thing or food item which also prevent from black skin and wrinkle skin. According to beauty expert Shila N Kishor, Turmeric helps to make white face but for this we have to use home made Turmeric instead of buying from shop. Making paste for face – Include Besan powder, lemon juice and curd with …

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Turmeric during marriage

Marriage season is running. We can see applying turmeric to bride and groom. It is the trend of using turmeric before marriage. This is one of the tradition that is followed by many people. This is started from India and they thinks that this will change the skin glow so they follow this tradition. This doesn’t only brings glow but …

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