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Ashapureshwor Mahadev, believe to have child who is a childless

Ashapuri located in Bhaktapur district is an important religious place. There is a belief in reaching this temple because of vowel and heart-loving and hopefulness. In particular, many devotees will be worshiped to make Mahadev happy by going to the temple after making a vow to fulfill their work and reach their mind. If any person has any imagination in …

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CDO and SP became $h)cked, can easily admitted in myadi police who are involved in $exu@l relation, without any examination

During the election of the police for the Aasanna state and the representative elections, the latest social network has been filmed in the police custody on Facebook. The video is of  Hav Shailendra Basnet and soldier Kumar Shrestha in Bhaktapur, Metropolitan Police Station. That is the video and picture of Bhaktapur. In the case of recruitment, the local administration has …

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Husband’s domestic v!olence; reached parents home with bleeding

Time will not remain the same. And own person will not remain own. Same condition takes place in Ramila’s life. Her husband always comes in the evening in the room but on Monday he came in the noon time having alcohol. And he started beating her by locking the door in the room. She never imagines that he will create …

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