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Bride has been thrown out from the house because of Dowry

We can hear such incident related with social !lls in social media. Many people are attending marriage against of dowry system. Bride was thrown from her house because of Dowry in Urlabari, Morang. People promise different vows with their partners during marriage. Gita Poudel of Urlabari-2 Bhusu had been thrown from the house. 18 years old Gita got married with …

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Clothes are not jewelry, 21 po!sonous snakes were given to bridegroom as dowry

As we know that every boy will get gifts from girl’s side including different ornaments, land and other basic needs. But here is such a society where a boy is given 21 po!sonous snakes instead of land, ornaments in the marriage. This is not a joke but a tradition started from their ancestors. Marriage will be broken if snakes in …

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