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Mother didn’t believe when she said that her father r@ped her

Father has been slandered after the continuous r@ped of his own daughter. It is a case of Jhashi, India. She said to her mother about her father behavior but she didn’t believe that and she create a condition to have $ex to her father and collect proof to show her mother. A v!ctim is able to take a video of …

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Father of two children says – ‘Son is pleased to act

Comedician Kedar Ghimire is 43 years old from today. In the year 2031, Chaitra 28, he born in Thankot of Makwanpur district, his born name is Devnarayan Ghimire. But it was limited in his birth only and familiar with Kedar Ghimire. He started acting form the year 2058 B.S, his first serial is ‘Hijoaajaka Kura’. But he had entered the …

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10 ways to become a good father

Due to the changing life style, food adulteration and busy life and time schedule, infertility problem in men are increasing day-by-day. According to the physician Dr. Abhaya Jain, following some ways in life and quality of foods help to increase the power and quantity of sperm in men. Here are 10 ways to become a father. 1. Eat 3/4 pieces …

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