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A child said bye to the father and left the house was d!ed without reaching school

A child has been k!lled in the absence of his father’s in the school. The child has d!ed due to a p@inful @ccident at the gate of the school.The woman had come to school in school, leaving her daughter in school. But his school was crashing without reaching the school. The v!ctim has d!ed in the !ncident when the teacher …

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Billionaire who gives 500 cars gift to the employer, son is the workers of the father

Sabji Dholakiya trades the Surat diamond in Gujarat. His company is the company of Hari Krishna Diamond Export one billion rupees. Its business is spread in 71 countries. If Sabji wants, all the facilities of the world can be given to the son. But they are different. Sabji ordered Drabya Dholakiya, a 21-year-old son to live a simple life and …

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A baby with 2 $exual organs and 4 legs, peoples’ crowd to see

A strange baby is born in Gujarat in India. 35, Pratap Mori, 35, and his 35-year-old wife Sulekha Mori gave birth to two children and four-footed children. After the birth of a wonderful child, a lot of people have begun to see that child. The baby is the sixth child of the couple. After the birth of a wonderful child …

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