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Use this method of clean your kidney and lose weight in 5 days

Today we are going to share with you a recipe which will not only clean your kidney but also help you lose weight in just 5 days: Ingredients: Fresh coriander, one lemon and half cup water Method: Squeeze lemon juice onto a bowl and add some chopped coriander and half cup of water in it. Mix it in a blender …

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8 ideas to lose the weight after workout and dieting

To decrease the weight of the body you need to have the good metabolism. When the metabolism increases body invest many calories and the fatness won’t get into the body. If the metabolism is less than you won’t lose weight whatever you do. Do this every morning. 1. Drink salty water in the early morning. This will help to reduce …

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Reduce 5 kg in 10 days drinking water

Water is an essential elements of the live. Now it is been published that drinking water you can reduce the weight. When there will be sufficient of water in the body than only the parts of the body starts working properly and this will make the metabolism of the body good. When there will be more metabolism than the weight …

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