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Japanese and Korean look 16 when they are in age of 50/60

Rice has been using as an object of beauty form centuries. Especially rice plays an important role in Japanese beauty. Rice contain vitamin B that develops the cells and delay the process of growing age. They used mask of rice to seem young. You can also see the changes in your face by using the facial made with milk, rice …

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Why should Japanese live longer? That’s the secret

Which country is the longest age in the world? Answer, Japan. How? The answer does not end in a sentence. The population of Japan is the first number to live the longest age in the world. Japan is a country where a man lives for an average of 80 years and female medicine for 86 years. This average age is …

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Why Japanese have low fat in their body

There are various countries which is listed having thinnest population. Most of the country are suffered from poverty,insecurity and hunger.But Japan is 38th country among 50 listed country which have thinnest population.Japan is not suffered from above problems but people living there have no fat in their body. In japan one is fat among ten. Japanese government tries to make …

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