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Japanese and Korean look 16 when they are in age of 50/60

Rice has been using as an object of beauty form centuries. Especially rice plays an important role in Japanese beauty. Rice contain vitamin B that develops the cells and delay the process of growing age. They used mask of rice to seem young. You can also see the changes in your face by using the facial made with milk, rice …

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Lord Ram’s birthplace ‘Ayodhya’is taken as Korea’s Maternal Uncle House, this is the reason

Ram’s birthplace ‘Ayodhya’ takes millions of people in Korea as their own maternal uncle’s homes. Korea’s have information about Ayodhya’s relationship with people. They also keep Ram’s native perception together. More than 2,000 years ago, a princess of Ayodhya was married in Korea. On the basis of that relationship, people of Korea believe in the birth of Lord Ram. When …

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