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What types of girls do boys like

People complains a lots about their partner. Mostly they complain about care and time and this brings the negative impact in their relationship. There comes the distance between lovers due to small things. Here are some things where you can know what boys wants from their girl. Dependent Most of the boys wants a girl who is dependent so that …

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Some scientific benefits of love

Glowing skin: Love makes you feel like you are in the highest post in the world and also makes your skin glow. According to scientists body excretes hormones like endrofin which decreases the excretion of pain hormone cartisole. Powder to win depression: Depression can be easily defeated by the help of loves ones. According to scientists love promotes excretion of …

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Why don’t love marriage last for longer?

Love marriage is very simple this days. This seems very interesting but it sometimes becomes like a rope in a neck. According to one of the research around 80% people who does the love marriage gets separated. But why this happens you need to know. Mostly male does whatever the female wants before marriage and due to this female trust …

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