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Conditions of Nepalese Women in Qatar

The Nepali girl who came to Qatar by millions of Rupees Nepalese manpower was the condition of Chelsea! They came to the living room and were seen to be slaughtered by slipping hands on the living room. There is also a queue between the Gulf countries as the main destination of Nepalese employment. Although there is a small country, Nepali …

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As this China swept the road

How to increase the scaffolding and washing of the big road? For this, certainly a lot of manpower is needed, but a worker of a road in central China has taken a very unusual way. He has added sixteen brooms to a ‘motor’ behind the tractor. When he tricks to the tractor, the rotating motor rotates, and the sixteen squares …

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Now, Manpower Could Not Take Cash With Those Who Are Going To Foreign Employment

Nepalese who want to go in foreign employment, government should not take more amounts with them. While going in the foreign employment people need not to pay more money to the manpower companies but manpower companies are taking more money and cheating those people. Cheating is more than its limitations but also the whole responsible parties became silent. Before 2 …

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