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For 10 days the tomato piece was placed inside the bucket, 10 days after seeing this miracle!

When some work takes more than 1/2 months to succeed, if the same thing is done in a few days, miracles are there. One such solution is discussed here and shown in the photo feature. People have been producing fruits and vegetables at home. Potato and onions are easily grown in the smoothly growing vegetable in the home. But if …

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Apply one spoon Salt on the face, and see ‘miracle’

The fall of winter decreases the pimples on the face. Did your face leave the pump? If you are not removed, your skin should be oily. Whose skin is oily, such a person should face the problem of pimpling in every season. It can be remove by using cosmetic remedy for some time, but after some time the pimple starts …

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Miracle of China, shifted 135 years old temple as this.

A Buddhist temple in the city of Shanghai, 135 years old, has been moved to 30 meters in Shanghai. After using a special technique in this historical temple weighing 2,000 tons, this temple itself has crossed 30 meters. The Mahaveer Hal of the Z Buddha Temple of Shanghai was built in 1882. This temple of 2,000 tones was just 15 …

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