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Not to eat too much banana in such condition, it may take your life – let us know

Fruit consuming is essential for health. Fruit is very helpful to get the essential nutritious elements in the body. But in some cases, consuming some fruits is h@rmful, not beneficial. Generally, banana is considered to be very profitable. It also contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6. But, in some cases, do not eat bugs, which can cause a big problem. Men …

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How mush healthy is dry food??

We know that green and juice is more attractive to see fruits, similar to health. Compared to that, the importance of dry frying is not less. Wheat chaired dry feet are more nutrition than fresh fruit. We are discussing, dry fruits like cashews, raisen, pistachios, paperboard and pigs. The reason for these fruits is more nutritious, when the water is …

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