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Face of Gautam Buddha found in Iskus, Devotee starts to worship it by putting in a praying room

Face of Gautam Buddha found in a vegetable named Iskus. It is an issue of Gopal Dhara Tea garden, Mirik, Darjeeling of West Bangal where Promod Tamang starts farming. He found the face of Gautam Buddha in Iskus and get surprise and curious to kow the behind reason of it. There are many Iskus but only one cantain the face …

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In the matter of the son “Hearing the daughter-in-law who answer, tears came from mother’s eyes

The son and daughter-in-law were talking in their bedroom, the door was open so the mother was living in the room outside. Well- we cannot take care of our mother due to our job, so let her admit to the old orphanage. “There will be care for her and sometime we’ll be going to meet. In the matter of his …

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According to vastu anthropology, do not do such 5 mistakes in praying room, will be unlucky

In Hindu Religion, there is a special importance of worship and fasting. It is believe that people will be blessed if they go and worship in the temple. And to maintain happy, peace and harmony people make prayer room in their house where they hang the photos of god and goddess. But knowingly or unknowingly people are committing mistakes in …

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