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Put money-plant in this direction of your house, never becomes wealth low

There are various preventative measures in religious anthropology to remove the mistakes of house. According to Architectural anthropology, there are various plants that help to remove the negative effects. In Architectural anthropology, there is a fixed direction to plant the plants. If the plant is in proper direction then there will be happy, peace and harmony. If it is in …

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Symptoms and Preventative Measures of Rheumatoid

What are you doing? Bharatogu is a type of ‘autoimune vaccine’. That is, the body’s contraceptive power causes bacteria to affect the body’s part. Breeders are very different. Different types of Rheumatoids show different symptoms. However, all the symptoms generally show signs of p@in and hearing. It can h@rm any body part of the body (such as heart, kidney, fox, …

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Are you !nfected with Eye Disease “AANO”, These are the Preventative Measures and Treatment Methods.

Eyes are the most important and soft organ of our body. We should take care and clean our eyes properly. If we do small mistakes, then our eyes will be infected or cause from eye problems. If we do careless in simple infection, it may cause huge problem. STYE is one of the eye disease. It is called AANO in …

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