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Apply these 10 home treatments after shaving, beneficial profit

Continuous shaving make skin irritating, burning, skin comes out and skin drainage. Maximum production of lotion in market contain @lcohol that makes skin drainage and dry as well as many negative effects too. You can save from the effects of after shave lotion by using the home based treatment. What kinds of products can be use after shaving, here are …

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How much profit and loss in drinking milk with honey?

The mixture of milk and honey is very healthy. According to CR Yadav, professor of the National Institute of Ayurveda, India, the milk and honey are healthy, but the mixture of these two benefits more. Drinking honey on sweet milk before sleeping takes a good sleep, and nutrients are also enjoyed in the body. Other benefits are: Other than sweet …

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I-Phone 8 had put the record in it’s price, 12 Hundred Dollar

Only one week is left for the formal opening of new I-Phone. All the characteristics had been came out. It has no probability to come out with any big surprise. Rather the price of latest smart phone of apple brand makes confusion. It’s maximum price is 12 hundred dollar. Isn’t it shocking. According to the American Newspaper Force, there are …

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