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What are the diseases of the eye? How to protect?

The lace of the pearl of the eye is black in the lens, it is called Motibindu. How to Detect? If difficult to detect the eye, but it is difficult to distinguish from a distant sight. See the inner gray white. How to prevent and treat? If the eyes are shaken, consult the doctor. Regular treatment of the eye the …

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Skin feeding and useful 7 foods

After the facial and skin of the skin, a lot of us begin to be worried about the old age. We cannot use different glyph, vitamins and loins to remove skin care. Some have surgery. All of them may have somehow instantly tried to hide the cheerfulness, even though they cannot go away from the depths of the problem. Because …

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Every woman hide these things with her husband

Women are very suspicious and concerned from their spouse to protect and care them.It can be difficult to understand people and it is near to impossible to understand a woman. Women cannot have secrets normally,they are unable to stand without talking with each other. Female psychology is hard to understand.It is also said that women do not share their success …

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