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Japanese and Korean look 16 when they are in age of 50/60

Rice has been using as an object of beauty form centuries. Especially rice plays an important role in Japanese beauty. Rice contain vitamin B that develops the cells and delay the process of growing age. They used mask of rice to seem young. You can also see the changes in your face by using the facial made with milk, rice …

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2 Methods of cooking Rice that decreases the Calorie

Now many people take out rice from their menu. More calorie produce after consuming rice and that may be the reason of fat. Most of the people’ opinion is that fat, increase diabetes, high blood pressure. Though you know the method of cooking rice, it may decrease the calorie. The tips may be useable for those who want to consume …

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Foods which makes you young and healthy

Foods we eat in our daily life is the source of nutrients in our body.It helps us to survive and grow. Vitamins, Minerals, proteins, iron, copper phytochemicals and so on requires in body which helps to function the body parts. Nutrients prevents the body from harmful diseases and saves from environmental hazards. A good and balance diet is needed to …

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