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How to be close to a beautiful woman? These are five ‘tips’

You liked a beautiful woman. Before that, you want to advance friendship. Or, he wants to say what he is loving. However, for that reason, it had to be close to him first. He started speaking. Then only then things would have to be done. That time, it is difficult to get closer to a beautiful woman who likes you …

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10 diseases identification looking at face

Sometimes the emotions,feelings happiness and sorrows inside us is expressed, shown in our face.It is str@nge to listen that face can say about health.It’s true there are some diseases which can be identify by looking at face. Face can reveal a lot of things about life styles, and health.Here are some diseases which can be find by looking the sings …

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How you eat tells how smart you are

Smartness not only show in your talks or what you wear,it also depends on how you eat. Your personality is also depends on how you eat. We eat various types of food everyday.But we are not aware how to eat it in a proper manner.Here are some tips which helps to know about eating manners and ways to be smart. …

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