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Nirmala Phuyal, a 22-year-old woman, who has gone to slide the vote, di*d from heart attack, hearty tribute!

Prachanda’s son di*d in a social network and said that the people who walked in the RIP said, “Today, today, you are going to di* for the sake of this day and for the sake of this country.” Does not everyone have the same as all of the same p@in? The person is selfish, to give patience to the family …

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Before coming to the daughter-in-law, I am trying to move the father through Pokhara

Comedic actor Wilson Bikram Rai ‘Takme Budha’ is in Pokhara now. He has also taken his father along with Pokhara for the sixth annual festival of Gorkha and Barha Jewelers. Wilson, who reached Pokhara, has uploaded photos of her and her father to social network. Posting a photo of the elderly, Wilson said, “It is good luck, it has been …

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For 10 days the tomato piece was placed inside the bucket, 10 days after seeing this miracle!

When some work takes more than 1/2 months to succeed, if the same thing is done in a few days, miracles are there. One such solution is discussed here and shown in the photo feature. People have been producing fruits and vegetables at home. Potato and onions are easily grown in the smoothly growing vegetable in the home. But if …

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Arunima Lamchal was found on a sea beach while giving a pose with her daughter

Actress Arunima Lamchal has been abroad for many years. Before getting married, movies and music videos well-known, Arunima, now becoming a mother of a child, is currently updating her family’s picture with social network. A few time ago, Arunima went to abroad has a daughter, after being shifted to Nepali film. Cover Photo of Arunima on a Facebook, with a …

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Do you want to attract girlfriend? Never do these things!

Do you love someone? And wants to love him for a long time / want to live? If you have a girlfriend and if you have a positive opinion in the answer here, then today we are giving you some tips to help you love your girlfriend forever. It is said something to get lost that is why you need …

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Facebook Ending voting system

Facebook Ending Voting System

Voting system in Facebook allows users to share their views on any policy changes that Facebook has implemented recently. Introduced in 2009, this voting system is activated for the users if a policy change received at least 7000 comments. Facebook would also consider the views of the users if more than 30% for total Facebook users participate in the voting. …

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