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What is Tonsillitis?

We often consider the problem of tonsil that appears in the child. Without proper treatment of common problem of tonsil p@in, heart failure may occur in the future, bath, heart disease. This disease can lead to heart surgery and make a good return. Even after the surgery, the patient needs to eat the medicine throughout his life. Starting from a …

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Make your teeth more stronger

Mouth is the very essential part allows food and required calorie and vitamins through foods in a body. Mouth is taken the main gate of body. There are number of bacteria present in mouth called normal flora,normally it do not harm.But it increased in large number when the immune power is weak. These increasing bacteria leads us to various diseases. …

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Six Diseases caused due to Artery and nerve problems

If a person have problem in vascular system it is known as vascular disease and surgery of this disease is known as vascular surgery. Problems caused by nerve damage and artery can be solved with the help of surgery.Open surgery is known as vascular surgery similarly surgery done making a small hole is known as endovascular surgery. Generally, people are …

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