Things that make good luck

3. Bell:
As per Hindu culture, a place is contain happiness, good environment and pure cultural community where bell ring. It avoid negative power in society which cause make good time.

4. Vase:
It is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Use a leaves of mango and put a coconut on the top of vase for making happiness in home.

5. Conch:
It is a priceless things among 14 things found in ancient time. It is also called as goddess Laxmi because it is found nearby of Laxmi. As a result, home which contain conch earn more property and also clean the environment.

6. Light:
Beautiful and prestigious work with culture is obtain only from oil light which is also a source of light and f!re. Traditional light are of mud which contain 5 elements, mud, air, water, sky and f!re. It is essential in Hindu society.

7. Flute:
This is a lovely musical instrument of Lord Krishna which helps to establish good relationship in family members with lots of love. It is also a symbol of progress.

8. Lightining Saligram:
It is also equally important and luckiest according to Hindu community with idol of lord Shiva.

9. Peacock feather:
House which contain feather of peacock never suffers from ghost and other bad things. According to Hindu, keeps 3 to 5 feathers of peacock for making good and familiar house.

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