Today Own Father Does [email protected]* to His 11 Years Old Daughter in Itahari

A father [email protected] many times to his own daughter by showing blue movies. 35 years old Purna Limbu lives in the room of Itahari-4. He did [email protected] of his daughter in the absence of his wife by showing the blue movie in his mobile phone. He has been starting such activities when his daughter was six years old.

In the regional police office a child with her mother said that her father used to put his finger inside her s*[email protected] Organ and plays with her chest. When she say her father to stop then he threatened if you say these all to anyone then I will k!ll you. Mother becomes worry about her daughter when she was not ready to eat food and vomits many times saying stomach ache. When mother asked to her daughter then she says all the activities of her father and had [email protected]*d from several years.

A child mother was fully shocked when she heard it and recently went to regional police station and then complains about it. On the base of her complains, the police had arrested Purna limbu. His wife says that he was an @lcohol!c. She said, ‘I think he works hard so he drinks, the sinful think like that, [email protected] to own daughter. According to regional police office he had accepted that because of his hunger in $ex, he [email protected]*d his own daughter. After the result of a child’s health report, he will be punish according to the law. A child was BP Koirala Health Science Academy, Dharan for her treatment.