Twitter introduced live broadcast feature Micro blogging website

The live broadcast feature of Twitter works like the live broadcast feature of Facebook. Twitter audience can interact with the live person on live broad cast through live comment, share and retweet. To broad cast live, compose a twitter and tap on the live option. It will show you a broadcast where you can choose composition. When you make everything, tap on the live button to start the live broad cast.

With Twitter users, the live streaming is also available on Periscope as user can see the videos and react with the person. CEO of Periscope pointed about the new Twitter feature and said, ‘We started periscope to provide users the power to share live video with their followers.’

Bringing this feature directly to Twitter is huge thing. Because it provides the power to millions of people who use Twitter. Twitter has become the place where people go to know about the world and with this update, anyone can stream live.

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